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11-15-2012, 08:24 AM
I keep it simple and I paste what I also put in another topic, but with some more additionals:

Get rid of the queue's and introduce a open PvP sector block (like Kerrat but bigger, without narrow population cap and annoying reset timers). There should be some hiding places to get some cover, like big asteroids, debris fields, whatsoever. But keep a Challenge Queue for special duels or build try-out's.

I'm thinking about the open PvP style as Battlestar Galactica Online has. It's really fun and you can have huge battles instead the lousy 5/20 man queue's.
Also I would like to see loot drops from enemy players, even Romulan/Omega Marks.

But I'm afraid STO is likely to stay a more MMO against npc's than PvP
P2W is Pay to Play for me, what else? Duh!

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