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11-15-2012, 08:25 AM
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Cryptic has really done it this time, in there quest for my money they blew it. I have been averaging $100 a month in zen purchases, but with the release of this latest "Season 7" patch, and thier obvious attempt to get us to spend more, they instead made me mad as hell. I refuse to spend another dime on zen until 1 they bring back ALL of the ways we could earn dilithium. bring back some kind of end drop for stfs or some kind of reward other than stupid marks that make u use up all your other resorces to make any use of. Remove the cost in dilithium for Dof recruiting. And finnaly Fix the dam in game voice chat that has not worked right since season 4!

Anyone else wanna add to this?

Agree Agree Agree. Life member here from day 1 + average 10 bucks a month on Zen which is close to paying for gold member on top of lifer. Guess what your greed is getting you for me PWE. Love my STO to death but if PWE stands on this train of thinking this game will come to an end soon. Wasn't there a quote somewhere by cyptic saying that Atari was a cash grabbing company after the split off from them and there interest really werent about the players LOL. I know PWE needs to make money but the gaming market is not a normal business where you need to make your 10% profit grow year over year for your shard holders.