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11-15-2012, 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by meurik View Post
What other "fixes" are going in this patch? The complete removal of Dilithium from the "Explore 3 systems" daily(s) ? Sorry, but after the ridiculous BLUNDER perpetuated on the STO community by the STO devs (mostly Mr Stahl), I have a hard time seeing anything GOOD come out of Season 7. My cynicism is at an all-time high.

I'm with Azurian on this. A better line-up is this:

Normal STFs: 720 Dil
Elite STFs: 1440 Dil
Fleet Actions: 1440 Dil (BOTH ground and space)

If you want, you could give Fleet Actions the same 60 min cooldown that STFs currently have. Preferrably i'd like to see STF cooldowns REDUCED to 30 min, but we're not in a "perfect world".

I really HATE the decision to reward Ground Fleet Actions, higher than Space Fleet Actions. There are a great many (myself included), who refuse to run Ground content, due to the lackluster "Ground Combat".
Although that would be really nice. I think the numbers should be a little more balanced.

Normal STF's: 720
Elite STF's: 1440
Fleet Actions: 720

My reason for the fleet actions being lower than your estimate but higher than what the incoming value will be is simple. FA's also give you loot where STF's no longer do other than some craptacular marks that I couldn't care less about.

Originally Posted by hatepwe View Post
Uh, is there any explanation for this?
This is because the person who creates the private instance is stuck with a window for an empty fleet action that they can't close through the entire instance. Something testing should of caught and was mentioned by me during the Tribble Test Weekend but went ignored and got shoved onto Holodeck!