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I only have the Disruptor Quad's and they are great! I regularly use Disruptor weapons that side though so they were worth the purchase. Fed side.... I just don't care much for Phasers or the San Paulo. I do have the Vesta pack and i definitely like the Aux DHC's they come with. It's not hard to put out some great DPS with with both high aux and weapon power. You get a good bonus from high aux levels with your Science powers also. It's a win/win in my opinion.
It is worth it fed side because Fleet Tactical Escorts have 5 tactical console slots. The only way to get that KDF side is with the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship which is a very good ship but it's also been priced anywhere between 200 million and 600 million ECs. I was in favor of the 24 million EC equivelent Fleet Tactical Escort myself .

**Edit: As pointed out by Mastergenera1 the Bortas has 5 tactical consoles. Sorry for any confusion.

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