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11-15-2012, 08:41 AM
Space Points Spent: 277,000
Ground Points Spent: 89,000
Available: 0

Total Points Spent: 366,000/366,000

Some skill are now highlighted if they are the invalid ones then I have an issue. The highlighted skills are skills I have maxed out 9/9 all others are not highlighted because they are not maxed.

Is this because I decided to max out 6 Space and 2 Ground Skills????

If so (political correctness) that is not in the best interests of a playable character.

I cannot verify if this is correct with all my toons as most of them are tied up in the Dil Patch for another 2 hours and I wont log in until I am sure I won't lose Dil or FC.

Most of my toons have certain skills maxed. Guess I won't be doing the reputations if I have to respec all of the skills on most my toons. I am very happy with their skill sets.