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11-15-2012, 08:43 AM
Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
A gear prerequisite? Nope.

What should happen is someone make an STF guide and posted on the board. And I do not mean a this-is-what-happens guide, but more of a how-to-play guide.

If the complaint is really about n00bs ruining the fun for Captain McAwesome and the Gang, then where is the guide for the n00b to read up on so they are not so blind?
the sad truth is, that they just didn't want to read it. there are walkthroughs for every STF on STOAcademy (and i think not just there), only people are too lazy to read it.

ok, the gear requirement was a stupid idea. maybe the tier x requirement was stupid, too. but if you don't "force" newbies, to make some normals, before they go to elite, some of them will go straight to elite without knowing what's he's suppose to do.

five normal runs on a map before one goes to elite, is that much? or three, with optional. i don't think it's intolerable.