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11-15-2012, 08:49 AM
In a team based environment nothing the KDF has can be deemed as OP, everything has counters, even the dreaded siphon carrier builds. (Doesnt take much to spam the offending carriers name in vent or team chat - Usually Said carrier will pop within minutes of focus fire)

"But What about Premade Siphon Drone Spam Builds??" I hear you bitches shriek.

When was the last time you were in a PVP and saw 5 carriers running drone builds?... seriously. Seems to me this is a story of make believe, fabricated by scheming anal devestated Feds who happened to run into a couple drain builds in kerrat or Arena and attempt to sway the rest of the community into thinking KDF players are jamming the Queues with premade drain carrier teams... this is BOLLOCKS.

***** made players... let me explain something, this is a game that requires co-operation in order to win. You arent going to roflstomp an engineer in an oddy or recluse singlehandedly, You need an organised effort to send them to respawn. This being said, with good organisation, target calling etc NO team is OP.