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Originally Posted by encadi View Post
I ve been using the Heavy Escort Carrier lately and been away the last 2'ish seasons and was thinking on trying one of the mroe tankish ships while sitll retainign some DPS, was thinking about these 2:

1/ Odissey Tactical Cruiser
2/ Dreadnaught Cruiser

Do these ships are still good enough with the oens included on the fleet bases (I really have no idea about those since they havent been added to the spidermitch charts)

So which one would you guys think would suit me best of goign tankish while stillr emainign some decent DPS

Are the fleet issue ships so good that the others dont really work anymore? how about the weapons and consoles sets? are fleet issue oens above everything else?

Thank you!
Out of those two? Definitely the Tac Ody. You can build a very nice layout with just the Commander Engineer, which lets you divert everything else to Tactical or Sci abilities.

In all honestly though, I'd keep the Armitage. An Engineering Captain is able to make it very hardy with the right BOFF/DOFF setup. You can even tank with it at endgame (Note: I haven't tried tanking a Tac Cube on Elite unsupported with one since the latest patch changed the way Borg Cube Torpedo Arcs work, but it was certainly possible to reliably tank them beforehand!). The achievable damage output of an Escort will nearly always beat that of a Cruiser, so if you can make both ships become survivable enough for your needs, then the Escort will be the better choice.

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