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11-15-2012, 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by rikwessels View Post
I think the ships are overpriced . Let's see : for $50 you buy 3 ships - but no slots - while the same amount of cash buys you a fully priced retail game ( with no worries if and when servers will go offline ) .The very least they could do is add the ship slots to the bundle ( and throw in a uniform for good measure ) .Then I'd find it far more reasonable .

It's about value for money and $25/ship - and extra if you want the slot - is steep considering this is an online game .
you sir must not have read my post above or a page or to back the 50 dollar price tag is for those who must haz it now,while people like myself subsidize the cost with dil->zen cause i myself wasnt going to pay 50 instead i payed 30 and converted the rest so in reality i got a great deal,buy one vesta get 2 free.but for those who are to lazy to save a bit of dilithum for zen conversion are the ones who will get hit hardest in their wallet.