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Originally Posted by romuzarii View Post
Really? because I imagine alot more people would be buying cstore ships if they were just half their current price. 20 bucks is pretty steep for a virtual item. People are rolling in the money in other MMOs that charge far less because far more people bite at the cash grabs. 1 million sales at 5 dollars is a hell of alot more money than 100,000 sales at 20 dollars. There's a reason only 10% pay a dime on this game. They should look into why that is rather than complain about it.
People are spending 30+ bucks to see a stupid 3d movie once. $20 bucks for a ship you'll get to use every day as often as you like for however long STO remains a live game is a bargain.

And when you add in that Lifers and Subbers can reduce the price using their monthly stipends and other methods to get zen, the price is even lower.

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