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Thing is, in dev blog they stated that they want players to refine MORE, not LESS. And in order to do this, they removed some dailies and removed dil from STFs. Looks like they are either blatant liars or just unable to do basic math. I bet on the first possibility.
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well the devs were wrong. the second longest projects to get done in fleet are the dilithium ones. Me unable to afford to by zen right now rely on the dilithium exchange. As such I only once gave Dilithium to fleet, I need it for more personal goals. S7 is a Failure. Admit it Cryptic and delete it and try again.
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The math does not work. The Mark turn in's for Dil are pitiful at best. The whole system is a downgrade fro our ability to progress, ourselves, our fleets or embassy, or our multitude of reputations.. Reputation in particular will only grow, as they add more factions with which to grow a reputation.

I like certain content, I hate other content, Prior to S7 my growth potential was the same as an individual player no matter what I liked to do. Now I have to do stuff I hate to do to maintain my growth potential.
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Edit: This post is rhetorical. I answered the OP, end of story. It's my opinion. Not going to debate. Take it or leave it.

I don't care how long you've been playing. I only care about how you play.
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