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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
If you'd been here at the beginning then I suspect that you'd have made similar claims that Cryptic would never charge $50 for a C-Store purchase. Prices already grossly inflated with the transition to Zen. $25 wasn't enough for Cryptic for ships so they started producing these 3-packs for $50 (which is completely unnecessary - did we need a Sci Odyssey? No. No more than we need an Engineering Vesta).

These guys will charge whatever they think they can get away with - even the 'good' guys in the industry get greedy (the whole EVE $40 monocle thing) - Cryptic with PWE at the helm are quite possibly the greediest operation I've encountered in gaming (aside from maybe Zynga).

Anyway - I stand by my statement - $99 ships (or bundles) before this game close its doors and on the day they announce it, you owe me one.
I've been here since the second week of Beta.
Not Closed Beta. Beta Testing.
I remember when Klingon play had to be unlocked, and it was a PvP only faction and had to grind my way to Lt. General by beating everyone around me to a bloody pulp (it was a simpler time).
I remember when tricorders had a little glow light on them.
I remember the Borg before they could adapt.
I remember the first time a dev commented on a post of mine (it was about the Dyson sphere).
And I've never made any such claims because making such claims is foolish. Do I make reasonable assumptions or educated estimations? I like to think so, but I this does not preclude the fact that I can be proven wrong at any time because the STO devs have Captain's Prerogative: anything at any time can be subject to changes. They've said as much, and it says as much in the Terms of Service all players agreed to before playing the game.
And frankly, the prices of ships has only really significantly changed when the game fully converted to Zen. Rounded things out, but they've stayed at relatively similar prices.
And honestly, I'm not gonna "owe" you anything, because I am more confident in my ability to observe patterns and make reasonable predictions than I am of ill-informed, heat of the moment doom calling.

Originally Posted by walshicus View Post
If you think it's over-priced, don't buy it. Sell Dilithium for Zen instead.

I'm pretty sure most subscription MMO's have gear or items which you grind for months to get. Think of the Vesta in that same light - something you need to put time into acquiring without cash.
Oh gosh, is that a reasonable post with an enlightened point of view? Great Roddenberry's ghost, I do believe it is.
It would behoove many of you to take such words to heart.
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