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I was wondering how people felt about an exchange so Cryptic could maintain profitability but remove dilithium requirements from R&D projects.

I would like to see the market for data samples return like it used to be by removing the dilithium requirements from some build projects that have pretty much noosed that market.

In exchange I would like to see Fleet ship modules become un-tradeable. They shouldn't be anyways because none of the C-Store ships are for trade and fleet ship modules just seem like an elaborate C-Store ship that has extra requirements.

In the long run maybe unreplicateable materials could be a requirement in final tier consoles and weapons ( Very Rare Mk XII+ ) to keep those consoles and weapons very expensive ( some run into 40-50 million EC on the exchange as they should for final tier ). However before that should ever happen the Data Sample market needs to make a come back to the values it was once worth so it is a bit easier to calculate the material requirements to keep V.Rare MK XII at it's current rarity level.

I really hope to convey to Cryptic that if the players think this is a good idea we can work together to do friendly trades for stuff that is inflated and other things that are deflated to maintain a good balance of profit and enjoyability.

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