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Originally Posted by firekeeperhu View Post
the sad truth is, that they just didn't want to read it. there are walkthroughs for every STF on STOAcademy (and i think not just there), only people are too lazy to read it.

ok, the gear requirement was a stupid idea. maybe the tier x requirement was stupid, too. but if you don't "force" newbies, to make some normals, before they go to elite, some of them will go straight to elite without knowing what's he's suppose to do.

five normal runs on a map before one goes to elite, is that much? or three, with optional. i don't think it's intolerable.
I don't blame em, it took me hours of research to figure out how to participate in lvl 43 plus content. There is a steep learning curve. I'm a nerd and a sponge so I enjoyed it.

But most people, when they get home from work/ school and have 40 minutes spare time, want to get straight to playing, not reading for ages and ages. People learn more by participating and through finding mentors in the community.

Our fleet's approach is to set up STF events 6 or more times a month and create Away Teams led by VAs with STF xp that will walk people through the events. Its more fun, and not as random as PuGs so you learn a lot on content the high learning curve. Also the leader of the AT learns communication, leadership skills, and how to mentor. It helps build community.

Be a mentor, it builds community and helps develop a pool of player that will keep coming back as they socialise and learn the ropes.