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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
As I wrote, if you believe J'mpok's decision to be wrong, challenge him for a duel.
Roach! Challenge J'mpok for leadership of the Empire! I offer you a whole squadron! I refuse to let the Empire be assimilated by the Fed Collective!

Forgot to add, how many Feds think will respond to this post and act in an exact manner that will prove my point?

Feds just can't accept they are the baddies in this game. Quite literally they are brainwashed to what is really going on. They intrude into a civilization's space, assimilate entire cultures, destroy their identities and heritage and would rather avoid fighting than defend their citizens. No wonder the Marquis took pot shots at them and declared themselves independent. They are a brittle unity with many citizens actually apathetic towards them.

The Klingon Empire really is fighting for it's right to survive. All their traditions, values and heritage are at risk due to the arrogance of the Federation, their foreign policy makes them quite ignorant and actually tyrannical to some species. The KDF have a real and true purpose to fight and you cannot beat an enemy like that, not if they are fighting for their freedom and independence. Feds just can't accept the fault lies with themselves.

In short, Feds in this game can really be seen as Tyrants.

Really feel like this has gone completely off topic, so in an effort to get rails back on track if they want to add some unique stuff for season 8, not only finish the KDF faction, but add a lot more races to them and make them an opposing power block, really making an effort to show why and how there are TWO sides to a story. If it was up to me? Do some unique stuff with shuttles, give them an update, give KDF Marquis(Federation Separatists) as playable race and their Raider Class Fighters. Oh and make the Feds question if they are really fighting on right side, let them investigate and make up their own mind, as at the moment they seem and act almost like pawns of a bigger player (remember Undine really control a lot of starfleet, they have minimal control over KDF) Who knows, seeing a fractured unity might be the kick up the backside the Feds need.

Love to see Enterprise E vs Enterprise F, would make an interesting showdown

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