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11-15-2012, 09:10 AM
There are still a lot of issues to be hammered out, there is no apology for the practices and tactics used still. And There are still a lot of long term economic issues that i don't believe Cryptic has looked at.

I do not like the attitude by the devs, I do not like the tactics taken, i do not like this bait and switch manuver that basically leads to a smoke screen.

In short, No. I'm not happy with it. But it IS a starting point to address EVERYONE'S issues. Because honestly? I can SEE where the devs are coming from. But their methods of implementation and how they've gone about it so far are quite frankly DISGUSTING. Will Cryptic continue to work to find a happy medium for most players? I do not know. If they dont, people wont be staying long. As it is many are probably leaving as i type this out.