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11-15-2012, 09:19 AM

Short version: unimpressed

Long version:

Firstly, I can see how the original piece is framed; in the original framing, it looks like the character is in a running action pose, phaser out and blasting.

However, the action shot fails firstly in the fact on how it's framed on the main web page. Her feet are buried underneath an info bar, leaving her looking like she's just floating in the frame, like the gravity plates went out on Deck 3.

Secondly, the eyes. Why is she looking at the viewer? If she's preparing to fire a phaser, shouldn't she be looking along the phaser instead of at the viewer?

Thirdly, she's Vulcan. Very little emotion, which doesn't do a lot for a Human audience. Dead eyes, expressionless face. In an action shot. It's like oil and water. Also, Vulcans look like space elves, which actually makes this character really similar to a lot of fantasy game characters, as opposed to a Sci-Fi/ Star Trek setting.

Fourthly, unzipped jacket. Certainly, any female character in STO has breasts, and there's obviously nothing wrong with that. However, the artist made a conscious effort to show the character with the jacket partially unzipped, revealing the part in the cleavage. It just smacks of pandering to the "Single Male Ages 18-35" demographic. Strong female characters don't need to show their cleavage to make a statement. The skirt was tastefully done, so it's disappointing that the artist would use such an overplayed trope.

It's certainly not as sexist and hideous as the PC Magazine cover other posters have displayed in this thread; that just drips of sleaziness ("Hey space sailor, I hear you like motorboats...").


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