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11-15-2012, 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by daedalus304 View Post
ok I'm starting to see a very obvious pattern here.

People are getting miffed because they cant Farm Dilithium on a daily basis?

thats it?

so your not gonna make as much Dilithium like you did before, why is that such a big deal?

so your not gonna be able to farm a ton of dilithium and take advantage of the zen conversion bit.

does it impeed your gameplay any the less?

they added New Romulus, new reputation system (which is good...takes too long imo a day is too long for t1) and even gives us a whole bunch of new content, new STF's, and what everyone has been begging for 2 years to get "Into The Hive".

isnt all that worth a 30% reduction of Dilithium? Im sure there will be a new fangled scheme to farm dilithium again someday, but for now just enjoy what these people are giving you for FREE...aside from the vesta...thats not free.
I don't think you are considering the effect on the in game economy less dilithium farming results in less dilithium available to purchase for zen, and higher dilithium cost per zen.

Higher cost per zen results in more money for PW as it requires more money to buy less dilithium. Dilithium being the in game currency means you have to have ways to get it by eliminating the means to get dilithium makes it rarer ...resulting in higher costs for all players be it time or money. Not good.

Time or money there is no such thing as "Free to play"

Another cash grab/ time sink , that's what makes people angry. And in the end will kill the game.