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11-15-2012, 09:46 AM
Oh, its OUR ship thats offline? I thought we were really giving it to that borg dildo in the Red alert. I agree, thats lame. When I take screenshots, I want all those mmo graphics off so it looks like a pure tv/movie battle. Putting giant letters onto ships is lame. That graphic should just be on our dashboard. I have my shield rings turned off in space for a reason. So if you want to tell me my subsystems are offline, make little LCARs (or icons the Sci ships use for subsystems) buttons attached to the ship hull/shield dashboard and when they are working, they are shaded blue like the dashboard is, when they are offline, light them up red individually. Also put these buttons on the enemy ship status on our dashboard.

Once again, attention to details not followed, and I throw Dan dirty look #257 as to why that giant billboard graphic got approved.
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