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Thanks very much for both your input. I heard that unless you don't you spec into power drains the plasmonic leach is useless if this is not the case i will buy it straight away as ive done alot of reading on it and it sounds really usefull.

again thank you definitely be implementing some of those ideas.
They fix and unfix the counter to the PL drain, but the buff is so good that I'd slot the console if it didn't drain the other guy at all. It's just that good. It's one of the few consoles that isn't situational, like ISO needs a clump of targets to really shine, PL is "always on" as long as you're shooting somebody; it's valuable to pretty much everything except a hit and fade build like a B'rel or some BoP.

I forgot to go into why I think Photonic Officer is bad, and I do try to support at least my negative opinions. The big problem is that it doesn't subtract seconds from timers (A2B tech doffs, however, do exactly that) it puts them into this weird accelerated cooldown timer. So let's say you have 16 seconds left on PO, you activate another ability which goes into a shortened timer let's call it 17 seconds instead of 30, which seems cool, because the shortened timer actually says 17 seconds. 16 seconds later PO wears off and so does the weird accelerated cooldown state, and 13 seconds get added back on to the second ability. So for the abilities with the really long cooldowns, meaning the ones which benefit the most from it, PO will wear off and they will revert to their original timers.