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11-15-2012, 10:01 AM

Or just Hi everyone.
I am a Bop-Commander for just a few weeks, maybe seven or eight.
Never ever i want fly something else!
So, there are some questions, i have and i hope, there are some people, that could help me.

My sweet little Boat is the Heghta-Class, my toon a tac.

My Weapon Setup:

Fore: 1x DHC, 2x DC, Quantumtorp
After: 3x Turrets

All Mk XII Borg, the Energy is Polaron

Console Setup:

Tac: 3x blue MK XI Polaron damage
Eng: 2x blue MK XI Neutronium Alloy, 1x RCS
Science: 1x blue MK XI Field Gen (more shieldpower), 1x Plasmonic Leech, 1x Borg-Console

Other Stuff

Deflector: Borg
Shield: Honorguard MK XI
Engine: Honorguard MK XI

Other Sets are in the bank, but i dont know...i didnt seen the bonusdamage of the jemmy-set.
MK XII i managed only to get the Shields of HG and Omega till this time, and i diddnt find some datas about the new sets.


Weapon: All (Hit the 125)
Engines: Rest


Commander: Tac: TT1, HY2, CRF, ATP B
Lt: Tac : TT1, HY2
Lt Com: Eng : EPTS1, EPTS2, EJWP
Lt: Science : PH1, HE2


I played around with different ways and different styles, but till now there ist nothing, that makes me really happy with.
Projectile Doffs, The ones for Evasive Maneuvers, "TT" or "Prepare on Impact"...Maybe i have to take a deeper look on the exchange for Cannon-Doffs....doesnt seen one till now.
This is the point, where i need the advising at most, i guess.


I am playing for fun. And i am playing for free. Maybe there will be a time, where i spend some Money for Zen, but not at the moment. Till this time i didnt have a fleet and i didnt need it.

Where the Bop in Pve like stf is a bit to say...useless, i managed the elites without problems, make my damage, fly arround, kill probes and so on.
Now, S7 Times,this may change, the bleedthrew of the borg is devastating,but i run elite infected and it works.

To be honest, the Bop is no Ship for this silly crapshooting of non-moving material.
The Bop is a PvP-Vessel. In my noobish Eyes it is THE Ship that bears the cross of the Klingon faction.
Its the Side of the Evil. The smelling, dirty Counterpart of White Knights known as Federation. They have the Zen-Ships, the Know-How-Science and the pure mass.

The KDF has nothing else their Experience, their Brains...and the Combat Cloak.
And this is an amazingly powerfull mix up.

So long, i am an pvp-fan^^

I am not good, thats something completly different, but i bear the wish to get better.
Till now my Heghta cloaks, searches for the right target (cruisers and escorts most of the time), rushes at them, buffs up and...alpha strikes it.
This works well most of the time in Kerrat. Take a Prey that is otherwise engaged and it will be pop up. Even if i am most of the time.

If the enemy hit the TT-Button, i have a problem...but for what the one and only empire gave me the cloak?
And otherwise...for sure:
"Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!"
"blHeghvlpchugh blHeghpu'."

Thank you for reading this whole bunch, and more thanks, if you had an advice.
I have to apologize for my broken english and for Thread-Capturing also.