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Originally Posted by sensorghost View Post
So, if I understood that. You are happy with how it was, are encouraged when bugs get fixed and have no opinion on the currant S7 additions other than art.. which you like..

STO has always been pretty. I want it to be fun and fair to all. Which currently it most certainly is not.
STO looks good

It has many little things that helps immersion if you spot them ingame.

The Devs designed the Bird of Prey very well to get the feel of what one is like.
The Devs designed the Defiant-R very well to get the feel of what one is like.

It could be a better game if the bugs would be fixed and balanced

Drastically lacking in linear story that immerses the player in the game and invests said player into continuing to play as STO grows.

And I had to spend time to think of the things I like about STO versus what things make it less appealing.
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