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# 8 STFs and the future
11-15-2012, 10:15 AM
Personally I think they are trying to prepare everyone for removal of the STFs (at least the 3 originals). And a slow progression toward a different set, a wider ranging set also, of missions.

STFs were heavy on the DIL - do a night of Elites and you would easily hit your 8K daily refine limit. BUT since they were heavy on the DIL - I think it increased the PUGs and AFKers in them just looking for a quick dil drop.

Change is well change, not many people embrase change well, in any setting, game or real life. This change requires you to change the way you play the game. Does it suck? sure, until you learn to adapt. And if you're willing to put in the effort to make that adaptation, which is really the essence of Star Trek, you will be rewarded.

I was/am mostly a solo player. I have a fleet, and I do team up with them, but often I don't know how long I will be able to be actively in game, so not to drag anyone down I don't often team. So prior to S7 I was finding it increasingly difficult to aquire 8K DIL in 4 hours of off and on play.

Coming into S7 - I was concerned it would be even more difficult. However, when analyzing the situation and looking at all of my options, I was handsomely pleased to find out how much DIL I would aquire in short game play. Much like the great amounts of fleet marks you can aquire in short quick missions like Colony Invasion and Starbase Incursion.

I played off and on last night for about 3-4 hours and I netted ~15K DIL. I didn't play 1 STF, and I also played a Colony Invasion, Starbase Incursion, and the new Space Romulan Marks one - can't remember the name, but you save ships from Tholians. So in 3-4 Hours, I have enough Dil for 8K refinement cap, I contributed Fleet Marks, and I have Romulan Marks, only thing missing were Omega Marks, of which I could have easily spent a few minutes getting quickly and given up some of the over 8K dil runs I did.

I'm not saying it's going to be EASY to accomplish everything in game - but I think that's the point, it shouldn't be EASY to have everything. There has to be sacrifice for rewards - the better you are at mitigating the sacrifice and easier the reward. Give S7 a chance, more than 1-2 days, before you say it's good or bad. I'm still on the fence on a few issues, but I'm not sure the DIL changes are as BAD as everyone is making them out to be.

contact me in game if you'd be interested in any DIL aquiring techniques for the new S7, or would like to team up for any missions @franc275