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# 9 Don't Nerf It!!!!!!!
11-15-2012, 10:16 AM
Its fine just the way it is. It's a challenge! It makes you work as a team. Rethink your build but also rethink your tactics.

Now I know this might be a change of pace for PvErs but it's what PVPERS have to do after every patch that changes something. I've sat infront of a tac cube tanking it for over a minute in a Defiant before having to evasive away. Invisible torps and uber Critz? Well yea its the borg. Try using brace for impact and rotating your defensive buffs before the torps are thrown at you so there's less chance of one killing you especially if you've agro'd it.

If you help more personal help with this then please reach out to me in game.

The borg have adapted and are better killers now than ever before. In the words of Will Riker let's show them that we can adapt to.