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11-15-2012, 10:28 AM
Broken English is not a problem. (*seriously, it's not)

and your setup SEEMS to be pretty good in terms of pre-season 7, which is to say, when having 3PBorg+HG shield was an advantage.

In the present, it's less effective than it has been in the past, but still workable.

However-you're driving a Bird of Prey-hull resists aren't as useful as boosting your shields-useful yes, just not AS useful.

I suggest you shift the Plas Leech or the Borg console to one of the Engineering spaces in place of one of the Neutroniums, and install another shield gennie in the sci spaces-you're a BoP, hull-tanking you AIN'T gonna do.

MOre important is Bridge officer and Duty officer setups-Duty officers can make a significant difference in your over-all performance depending on who's assigned 'on', and what bridge officer powers you have going..

with DC and DHC you're already restricted in your firing arc-you may consider swapping one or both of the DC's for DHC's, you're already locked in at 125 weps power, and you're an alpha-baby (which is to say, most of your setup ONLY WORKS on the first pass/Alpha strike). Pick up some weps batteries at Drozana, qo'nos, or DS9, and some shield batteries in case you didn't get them (the other guys) in your first pass.

B-Off layout should probably focus like this:

HYT-1, TT2, APO2

Attack patterns make you harder to tractor-not a small thing with all the Danoob spam in Ker'rat, the Hazard Emitters are nice if one of those little borg bastards pops you with their Plasma torps while you're working over your latest prey. CRF1 and 2 gives higher up-time, and High Yeild Torps are nice deliverables after you've knocked the shields down some on your target (and they're useable with widely-available Torp doffs).

Emergency to Shields and Transfer Shield STrength, run with a copy of Tac team, can really aggravate someone who's trying to drain your shields to expose bare hull, and two copies of TT are always nice to have-esp. since the cooldowns stagger and you can keep it going longer, and TT2 provides a small bonus to the damage you do from your weps.

suggest you go to the PvP forums here on this very site, and look up the following subjects:

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