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11-15-2012, 10:34 AM
Ok just did another and here are some details from combat log.

All are from Tac Borg Cube
TSS, Epower to Shield 1, 100+ Shield Power, and Maco Shield being used just to give idea of current resistance rating. In addition have 24.6 energy/40.3 kinetic hull resists.

1946(2148) Plasma Cannon Shield Damage
239(3673) Plasma Cannon Damage

Ok so no idea what that info even represents or how those first numbers were calculated from the first. Perhaps shield resistance math got messed up somewhere because just the maco shield and my shield power alone are more resist than what was applied. Next up the Torp.

3591(10460) Plasma Torpedo Shield Damage, Kinetic
19248(55429) Plasma Torpedo Damage, Kinetic

850(1309) Plasma Damage, the dot.

Ok first off I thought shields had an innate 75% kinetic resist or am I wrong on that because the log is implying around 65%. And how on earth did I gain kinetic hull resistance from no where for the hull hit?

Somewhere in your damage vs resistance formula someone made a boo boo. That is the only logical conclusion I can draw.
I'm pretty sure the first number is sheild damage, the second bleedtghrough, hence the oddettiy with the torps on bleedthrough:

@Bort: Plasma DoT's may have allways been capable of stacking before this but you never actually saw it. I paid attention to plasma dot's as i've suspected for a long time that they're part of a problem, and i've never seen non-torps stack dots weather from a player or from the borg, and without multipuler ships shooting at you the chances of the borg getting 2 torp dots up was near zero. From the accounts here thats clearly changed.