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Originally Posted by hatepwe View Post
I think people are still trying to wrap their heads around the new STF

I found that the Queen's Feedback Pulse seems to be very powerful.

The Borg Shield Neutralizer + the 70000 Plasma Damage from Plasma Spread II was very unwelcome. Especially when you can't brace for impact or prepare in any way because the visuals for the torpedos disappear on High end machines

Then the one shot kill if you're within 5km of her.

And that's just the Queen's ship.

There's no doubt that it's an extremely difficult STF at least for now.
It is not just the new STF. The problem is the old STF?s are all of a sudden doing massive hull damage even with shields up. Loads of people have reported this. Like I said before with near 70% resistance and 53k hull hitpoints I am still losing hull faster than ever before.