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11-15-2012, 10:44 AM
Will we be seeing the K'vort class "battlecruiser" for the KDF? Or an actual KDF science vessel that isn't appropriated from one of their "member species"?

How long until we see Ambassador now? Or the Constellation (Chyenne Heavy Cruiser doesn't count)? Norway class?

Story content takes a lot of time to develop. We get that. But ignoring FE series, what are the odds of us getting new story mission content for either faction?

At this point the Federation has TWO new vessels (technically 4: the Vesta trio and the Steamrunner). Will there be counterparts for the KDF? And what about fleet variants for these?
* Speaking of, Will these ships ever get their own unique bridge? They use the default Miranda bridge right now. (So do the Armitage and Atrox for that matter)

Will we see the return of STF loot bags for general loot drops (white to purple "standard issue" items and consumables)?

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