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So, I had amassed about 450 Lobi crystals over the last while and decided to put them to use today. I bought the Chroniton Temporal console and the Temporal Dual Beam array, and...the charge was made (i.e., the crystals were subracted), but ONLY the console appeared in my inventory.

Since these crystals represent a real world CASH investment, I was understandably pissed, but went to submit a ticket to get the matter resolved and, either a) have the Beam Array restored or, b) be refunded the 200 Lobi crystals it cost.

BUT, every time I tried to submit a support ticket, it took me to a "DNS; Site not available" page - EVEN THOUGH I COULD ACCESS EVERYTHING ELSE linked to the PWE Customer Service, Forums, etc. set-up!!

Can anyone tell me WHY I can't submit a support ticket? Is anyone else having the problem?

PLEASE don't respond if you have nothing to say other than "you're screwed, dude;" "that's just PWE for you," or some other unhelpful or otherwise useless comment; thanks!

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