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11-15-2012, 10:50 AM
Observed in Hive Onslaught:

1. what works on Unimatrix ships in red alerts, for the most part works here-within limits. the Unis WILL use de-buffs like SNB on you. If you don't have a Sci on the team, you're corn-cobbed.

2. "borg queen" uses Sci abilities extensively, you want a copy of Sci Team at the very least to trip when she hits you with the viral matrix, sensor scramble, etc.

3. She'll use feedback on you if you pop her with an energy-drain like Tyken's rift, and really, really hates it when you hit her with the Omega Grav anchor. Have your shield buffs HANDY and hazard emitters are a must if you're in a Bird of Prey-because like ALL borg, she seems to have a special hate-on for Klingons. she'll also hit you with Scramble-sensors if you do that, so when your screen goes all snow-and static, stop shooting and run your defensive buff cycles while the rest of the team takes advantage of the 2-3 second window where she's vulnerable and can't move.

4. Cloaking is double-plus difficult to maintain on this map-too much ****** bridge chatter that drops your cloak, esp. right after the cutscene-and the Borg WILL take advantage of a decloaking ship even when it hasn't fired a shot yet-unlike some Fed players, apparently the AI here actually LISTENS to the sound effects.

5. APO is Your Friend. So is Tac Team, Hazard Emitters, and any console that pumps a drain. What is NOT your friend, is anything that gets the Unimatrix to focus on YOU.

IF you're a FEd, you want your team to include at MINIMUM someone "Not in a cruiser", and someone in a science ship-pref. a science officers-subsystem attacks and SNB are vital to assuring success. Also you should be grateful if a Klink shows up-KDF ships draw more fire than Fed ships, even when NOT specced for Threat Control, and you'll live longer if the Unis and hte queen are focusing their anger on some evasive little Bird of Prey or quick-turning Vor'cha, instead of...y'know, YOU.

Team-wise, focus fire and spreading heals is a good idea, best if you let the sci pick the targets by SNB'ing them, especially later in the run when you're up against the eight-sided-dice-of-death (aka the Queen's ship).

for KDF: forget cruisers. Forget Cruisers, go with either a Carrier that has a lot of hull and launches hordes of hard-hititng pets, OR a Bird of Prey that can skinride a unimatrix ship. Spec as you would for PvP, focus-fire is a must here, so try to bring a Science officer if you're bringing a carrier. Tribble runs and runs in 'live' show that slow cruisers like the Bortasque may have lots of power, but lack the responsiveness to deal with unimatrix probe-spam, and unless you're actually ABLE to drop the Unis without dying and without them getting regen drones pumped out, you're on for a long night of frustration and lots of time in respawn hell when the plasma balls hit you because you couldn't switch targets faster enough to drop them (they get regen from the probes like any other unit-unless the regen probe is dealt with first, youi're NOT going to be able to stop it with weapons fire.)

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