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# 33 you made this game very not fun
11-15-2012, 10:55 AM
you guys are scam artists, and can't seem to fix what was wrong 7 months ago, but we still have plenty of junk ships coming out every month. introducing a new ship does not excuse you from ripping people off. why can't you just run an honest business? you lost 7 sto players here in boulder colorado yesterday due to the almost nothing rewards, the reduction in dilithium, and the increase in things that use it. your customer service is a joke, or it would be if you had one. your autoresponse system seems to think that ignoring me is fixing it. i am not at all happy about not being able to talk to an actual person and i am leaving sto. i hope your greed and stupidity breaks all of your banks so you end up homeless. i'm homeless, but at least i don't rip people off and ignore them