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11-15-2012, 12:08 PM
What I don't like is the company telling us contradicting things that aren't even logical explanations for why they changed the economy. I mean, they take monumental amounts of dilithium (our game's lifeblood) out of the game and tell us it is for our benefit. They tell us that the average player didn't get any more than 3000 dilithium refined a day so their changes shouldn't bother us..., yeah, if they count players that haven't logged in for over a year in their statistics. They are unwilling to admit that this is for their own personal profits. They saw how much zen was being bought and turned into dilithium and they got so greedy that they forgot that their consumer base plays this game for the enjoyment. This whole economic change just shows how disconnected they are with their consumers. They forget there are other games out there that don't exploit their players. They're treating us like we're stupid with every bald faced lie they tell us to quell our discontent with their abuse.

Quit lying to us Cryptic/PW! You want to rob us of all our money, but there's a huge problem with your plan..., fleet starbases have halted construction. Players have their hands tied so hard behind their backs that they can't afford to even get what they need for their main characters. New players won't even be able to equip their first character let alone contribute anything to their fleets/social gaming community. Anyone know where this leads? I do. It leads to a mass exodus. You're losing your player base. You let us know where you stand. Your total disregard for your consumer is so apalling it has personally made me sick with rage. Mainly because I wasted so much of my resources for the last year in buying all your ships and purchasing a lifetime membership. Now that I know where you stand Cryptic/Perfect World, I realize that you see us only as sheep for the fleecing. Well congratulations to you, you already got my money, you'll see no more of it. I doubt the rest of our community will bother either. If you don't fix this and quick..., as much as I like Star Trek, I hope it dies.