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Originally Posted by omfg4202 View Post
This just appeared on Star Trek Online facebook page:

Hello Captains! Do you have a question you would like to ask Star Trek Online Executive Producer Daniel Stahl? Ask it on our forums through the link below.
and then the following comments:

Why don't you read the following forum thread? "Cryptic's compromise - are we happy with it?"

To summarize it, a lot of people are not accepting this feint as compromise. They want an apology for these dirty tactics and for lying to us. They want you to look at the elephant still in the room, the giant dilithium paywall and multiple resource-heavy mutually exclusive development paths you're still forcing on us, increasing the overall hassle of earning STF loot by a thousand percent. They want to know why you are so keen to force us to play the game in ways we don't enjoy and charge us a hefty fee for it?
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