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11-15-2012, 12:22 PM
1. Champions Online recently saw vehicles added to the game, will we see some vehicles of our own soon now that we're adding open zones like New Romulus?

2. There are still no kdf fleet ships that qualify for the C-store discount like the federation's Defiant, Galaxy, and Intrepid. When will this be addressed?

3. The Armitage, the Vesta Bundle, the Steamrunner, while these are all ships people have wanted in game it has been a time since we got a unique KDF ship (the 1000 day ship aside) when can we expect to see a new KDF ship. [hint]Ferasan Assault Carrier[/hint].

4. Fleet Special Projects are still not worth the effort of gathering 200K dilithium, no functionality comes out of them, it's just a grind rush for aesthetic changes, when will this be addressed by either redoing the prices or adding functionality to the projects?

5. We know one's coming, so can you tell us what's going to be in the Holiday Lock Box?

6. Speaking of the Holidays, will the races be returning in addition to new events? I still have a race to turn in from last year. Will we see more scarfs, or even more holiday like costumes?

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