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Originally Posted by mastergenera1 View Post
that doesnt matter as much if u can teleport ur target and cc them infront of your cannons in prep for an alpha strike lol.even if u can only do it every 5 min.and on top of that equip a subspace jump console to teleport yourself behind your target lol.
and then, you can wallow and wait while his buddies whale on you for the five minutes it takes (at reduced resistances because your'e NOT going to put it in the Tac slot if you have anything like a brain in your head) for that c-store console to recharge.

and god help you if they come at you from the sides while you're basically stuck mooching along wiht no turn to bring those weapons to bear...

OR if they're hitting you with sci abilities, energy drains, etc. because the rest of that build's console layout is craptastic. It's ONLY useful for stationary targets-like Cubes in CSE, Gates, etc.-things that sling the one-shot death-pea-kill-you-through-shield-and hull superweapons.

i.e. while the bridge map is quite nice, the Bortasque/bortas is about as useful as active, llarge mammaries on a boar hog.