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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
I think the point the OP is trying to make is that the rewards given aren't enough for small fleets to grow. With the Daily clickie you get 60 per day per toon which was enough to grow your fleet at a slow but steady pace. With those fleet marks gone, fleet and embassies for small fleets will grind to a halt.
Originally Posted by maliusnight View Post
Defera invasion gives fleet marks, Nukara invasion gives fleet marks, the new save the ship STF gives fleet marks, all of those a 5 mans. Defera and Nukara, take about 15 to do the whole set if you just do just the hards and are worth 20 per quest, Defera has 4 quests and Nukara has 2 thats 120 fleet marks or 240 during the fleet mark hour, you could round out the hour with a saving ships and no win senario they both give fleet marks, or team up with another guild(s) and do one of the 15s. I'm active in two good sized guilds and we almost always fill out 20 mans with a couple folks from another fleet. Take a look around there are plenty of Fleet Marks available.
we are a 2 man fleet. before i could do my clickie daily on 6 toons, fill the fleet marks, and PLAY. now i am supposed to grind fleet marks for how long? i tried nukara and defera, alone, and got o 28 fleetmarks in 40 minutes..

The queues for fleet actions which reward fleet marks are RARE and have no other rewards.

So now i am in the position where i either
1 - grind fleet marks and buy dillithium (NO)
2 - grind dillithium and EC's and abandon my fleet ( i am good at this, almost everything now did sink in the starbase)

i would not mind the changes if i knew that in the moment i started to work on the fleet starbase, but now, things have changed BIG TIME and without announcement.

Considering they are "glad to have small fleets ingame"..
prior to these changes almost everything of my grinded Dill went to the starbase. Now? I do not have a slot to fill, cause of the fleet marks.

They should be thankful for small fleets, cause it means only more Dill sink in the playerbase.

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