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11-15-2012, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
My original post was made after examining the ships themselves, and their associated powers, all of which have not been recently changed. And Archon has confirmed the code change that is the most likely reason for any perceived increase in Borg difficulty (which was not Borg-specific, which is why I did not come across it in my search).
Please examine combat logs. Both from my own experience, as well as many others here, we're seeing our hulls crumbling while our shields are still up. Even without the values being changed, something in the way they interact has. It probably isn't borg-specific, just that borg happen to use this particular mechanic that others either don't or rarely. The torpedo-facing change mentioned, for instance, isn't borg specific per se, but very few things are as large as borg cubes, so that's the only place it's really noticeable.

Could there have been a change to the way plasma fires work? Or perhaps even just debuffs more generally? There are plenty of ways a bug could be unintentionally introduced to cause the behavior we're seeing.

Borg Plasma DOTs are exactly the same as player Plasma DOTs (and always have been), which have been capable of stacking for quite some time. This is not a recent change.
My understanding is that energy weapon plasma fires do not stack. (or at least not prior to S7) Perhaps that was considered a bug pre-S7 that is now fixed (so energy plasma fires stack), which is causing the behavior we're seeing?