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11-15-2012, 11:43 AM
A list of things I like, eh?

Well give it a go...
1: Story missions:
- Nice storyline, good balance (can be completed in any ship with equal effectiveness, like to see that kept in endgame)
2: Fleet system
- Gives inter-player communication (A little grindy but overall good, adds another element to the game though)
3: Change character function
- Saves time swapping to a more suited skill-set
4: Graphics
- Absolutely wonderful
5: Dilithium exchange
- Reinforces free to play (Would be better if dilithium were more easily acquired)
6: Space travel/combat
- Travel is brilliant and times are realistic
- Combat is good (Would like to be able to roll and loop as it would add another level of realism to the game)

This said there are a few things that I think need work
1: Availability of dilithium (Due to the dilithium cost of playing)
2: Ground combat (Space is great just that ground needs to be brought up to the same level)
3: The game engine (It's hard to work effectively when you have to repeatedly request the activation of skills and wait a few seconds to see if it has even registered)
4: Endgame content (Needs a lot of work, it strays too far from the story content balance and frankly damage sponges aren't difficult, they just make escorts the only practical ship to use)
5: On the subject of endgame and difficulty the AI needs improving.

And I think I'm done