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Originally Posted by chicochavez View Post
Just curious, but you talk about long text of back story, but what about conversations?

As an example, in part two of my series Allegiance, the mission starts with you meeting the senior officers and other characters that will be with you throughout the rest of the series. Now a number of the conversations are entirely optional, as has been suggested to me before, but the main briefing is not. It is long, but it is also interactive with the player to a degree and involves both an introduction to other characters as well as setting the tone for the series. Would you consider a conversation involving multiple characters (sometimes talking to the player, sometimes to other NPCs) an issue?
Breaking up the text as a conversation does indeed help. It gives more personality to the narrative and makes the player (at least in my case) feel more involved. It feels more "active" and is less daunting to the reader than a massive screen of text. I don't even mind a single large text screen; it's multiple such screens back-to-back that are more problematic.

What you are describing reads more dynamically. When you can do things to make it feel like the story is moving, you're more apt to keep the player's attention.