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11-15-2012, 11:47 AM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
When it comes to the BNP turn-in mission, I find it very lackluster even if Dilithium was re-added to the STFs. Becasue 1000 Dilithium for a project that takes a day to do, seems like a cheap gesture, compared to the old STFs turn-ins.

Also, be nice if we could actually see the store before we unlocked it, so people would know how many BNPs are needed to purchase items.
15 seconds to complete the project.

Also, at tier 5 you can turn in Omega Marks for dilithium. 50 omega marks = 500 dil

So your average eSTF at T5 with optionals is worth:

960(elite base reward)+100 (1 BNP)+750 (75 omega marks)=

1810 dilithium per STF...for about 10-15 minutes work. In other words, you'll probably hit your dilithium cap after running STFs for an hour or a little over. The system is pretty generous.

*It actually may be 1910, since BNPs are worth 200 dilithium in game right now