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11-15-2012, 11:47 AM
I still think the better solution to keep the DOFF system more as it was intended is to apply the new dilithium costs to the down-conversion and return the old costs for the up conversion. Now with the changes to the Starbase system most of the up conversion will be for use or sale. Here is more of what I was thinking for the down conversion:

Purple - 3 Blue
Purple - 6 Green
Purple - 27 White
The "new" Blue-Purple costs divided up among these three

Blue - 3 Green
Blue - 9 Common
The "new" Green-Blue costs divided up among these two

Green - 3 White
The current White-Green cost

Really the issue is people continually breaking down and rebuilding DOFFs until they get one they like. Make the breaking down of DOFFs more costly not the entrance to the system of up grinding.

I'd also like someone to explain the real reason why a "tax" was levied on the 5-pack. 1,000 dilithium is enough for people to just not use it anymore so why not just remove it then. I am curious to see who still and would still toss 1k dilithium at most commonly 4 whites and a green.