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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
Ive not played elite so cant comment but there is not much wrong with normal. its no harder than any of the others.

the final borg queen fight is a bit long winded if you dont have much dps, but its ok.

like i said cant comment on elite. i imagine that could be a nightmare.
Like ANY STF on 'elite' you need to stock up on spare parts if you don't want to fail out of the mission entirely, and teamwork is a MUST DO.

which means no Kirking in rainbow or skittleboats, no "I'm a badass" and for ghod's sake, no Trash-Talk until AFTER the queen's toast is hashed.

as I said before, it's DARN useful to have someone in the team who can lay down SNB-especially on the Queen herself-she uses LOTS of science powers and buffs, stripping those is high-priority if you actually want to drop her.

Drains are ALSO very useful in this mission, along with other de-buffs, and attack pattern Omega is a 'go-to' ability you need to run at least ONE copy of due to the spamming tractor-probes.

If you play KDF a lot on Ker'rat or in the Puggie PvP ques, you should be familiar with the 'fun' of Danoob tractor-spams that accompany Fed carriers-in the case of THIS mission, the "Danubes" are cruiser-sized and escort-manueverable Borg Tractor probes, but they behave much the same way minus some of the vulnerabilities.

Dealing with them, however, is similar-you need to be able to break tractor locks pretty much 'on demand', buff your resistances and use attack patterns and Tac Team in chained arrangements. Don't expect to spend a lot of time cloaked-there is enough canned in bridge dialogue to keep you de-cloaked when you need it most, or render you vulnerable at precisely the wrong time.

Keep ready-copies of your resistance buffs handy, because the unimatrix ships and the queen BOTH use SNB on you, and have a very extraspecial hatred for KDF ships in particular-maybe we do too much damage, or maybe it's in the coding somewhere, I do not know-but I do know that distracting them just by decloaking DOES draw fire even if you haven't hit the firing button yet-which can be of some use to the team, but is hard as hell on your ship.