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11-15-2012, 11:55 AM
Originally Posted by edalgo View Post
Its fine just the way it is. It's a challenge! It makes you work as a team. Rethink your build but also rethink your tactics.
^This^. I want a chance to figure this one out, before we start calling for nerfs. Yeah, it's brutal. I love it. All of my ships I use for STFs, while different, are essentially setup the same. To achieve maximum DPS. Now, suddenly, I'm thinking about defense and team heals.

Hold off there Cryptic, if you're reading this here. We're just getting started on this one.

Originally Posted by killjack0 View Post
I absolutely agree she needs a nerf even in the normal difficulty, there is no way that this mission is capable of being completed in 25min.

First time I played it, I joined a random PUG on normal and we hit every optional.

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