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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
That's the reality of user-generated content. Some of it won't be as good as dev content, some of it will be better. Authors come from a lot of different backgrounds and have a lot of different skills and skill levels in the things it takes to make Foundry missions. Some of us, such as myself, are even professional writers. But, as you said, evaluating whether a mission is "good" is a subjective assessment, and its one each player has to make for themselves. Look at the reviews on any mission, you'll see a review that says "This mission sucks" right next to a review that says "This is the greatest mission ever." This has been happening since the first third-party mods were made for Doom and Quake. It all depends on what you like.

Players look for different things in their content. The actual devs deal with this every day. For every person yelling on the forums about wanting more story content, there's one yelling for PvP content.

You can't please everyone. There is, quite simply, no way around that.
Agreed. I tend to look at reviews if a story looks interesting to me and have noticed the same trends. I wrote one Mission Architect story in City of Heroes (Granny Granite and the Senior Moment Gang) and saw similar results. It was a solid 4-star, but those who didn't like it, well, didn't like it.

I intend to start poking around with the Foundry tools soon. It may be a good way to get back into writing again. Most of what I've written for the last nineteen years has been technical (white papers, procedures, etc.); I sincerely miss fiction writing. The only book I've published thus far is a small literary analysis of influences on The Lord of the Rings (I have two English degrees and now work as an XML analyst and programmer. Go figure.)

Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
I don't think most people aim to make 2-3 hour missions, it just sort of happens by accident.

Also, length can be highly variable in some missions, depending on whether you interact with all of the NPCs, etc.
Understood. Writing short stories has always been difficult for me; I tend to think in "epic" terms sometimes.

To be honest, some of your stories are what I had in mind when I referenced 2-3 hours. The descriptions look intriguing, but finding the right time to play them is sometimes problematic. This is especially true when there is more than one story in a series and all of them at listed as multi-hour missions.

I'm just going to have to pick a time and dive in.