Thread: Which Vesta?
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11-15-2012, 01:11 PM
bearing in mind that the Vesta is NOT going to be capable of the DPS that an escort can produce.
I would not be so sure about that. I have a tac captain in an MVAM that does on average between 7 and 8k dps with alpha strike bursts upwards of 20k dps (rarely ever am outdps'd even by other escorts) and I just purchased the vesta pack and set up my sci captain in the tactical vesta and he's able to do on average 4 to 5k and in a few instances 6k and he's using regular player made mk xi phaser turrets and phaser relays while my tac captain has Complete mkxii borg weaponry ect.... I can't wait to set up my tac capt in the vesta and see what he's capable of .