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Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
The focus on rewards seems odd to me, frankly, as the whole concept of the Foundry seems clearly more about boosting the game's story mission content. Turning Foundry into another way of item grinding would seems to be almost willfully missing the point. As long as random drops are on par with those in the Cryptic authored story missions, it'd be just fine. I doubt many foundry authors would be satisfied knowing people were playing their missions for the loot and ignoring the rest.

With increased rewards, or author-controllable rewards, you would see more people playing foundry... as a grind. And you'd get a influx of foundry missions and authors dedicated to no-story "go to system X, shoot all the things, collect loot" gameplay.
I don't think anyone is asking for mk xii supergear from foundry missions. In theory, some people won't participate in an aspect of a game if there is no perceived reward. The reward doesn't need to be huge. It's more psychological than anything else.

I love the foundry system, but I don't play many missions. I play all of the Spotlight missions, but little beyond that. Not because I don't want to, but because it's a total crapshoot. I may randomly find a great mission. Or I may end up with a pile of crap. When prioritizing how I'll use my time, other things go in front of the foundry simply because of a lack of certainty. Since there is no gear reward, the only reward is having an enjoyable time. But that is very much not guaranteed.

My participation (and many others) would certainly increase with better search options. MOST foundry authors seem to be honest people. They try to give you an explanation of what the mission is before you take it. All they need to do is an extra step in the foundry creation process. A couple dozen checkboxes. Things like:

Space combat
Ground combat

You could just check which ones apply to your mission. When people search, they would have the same checkboxes that would work as extra search options. If I want a mission involving Cardassians and ground combat, I'd check those 2 boxes and I'd only get missions with both things.

I'd play a lot more foundry missions that way. A lot more.