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Every game I played I pvped in. Because it is the only challenge in the game and ONLY end game content.

With that being the case for pvpers like me it would be a good idea to keep customers to actually listen and do things for these players.

I mentioned this a few years back but was ignored so hopefully you all will listen to the community because most are ONLY sticking around in hopes that you will make pvp a part of your game and not a side mini game because I for one like the star trek feel of the game.

A few things I liked in other pvp games is open instance pvp. I will use Dark Ages of Camelot for one example. In that game you go into what would be the neutral zone in STO and fight for keeps and or planets bases ect... If your faction controls thees you get a bonus to your pve stuff like more credits earned more skill points more dilith ect... So you actually have something to fight for and work for. Another one was ultima online where they had huge areas where you kill a boss to get good items and gear. Anyone can come in there and try to kill it but if they wanted the good items they would have to team up in a guild to fight other people for the boss.

Star Trek has these areas its called neutral zones and border worlds you just don't have them in YOUR game.

In those games when something was noted as op or broken they jumped on fixing it. O and btw ultima online was made in 1997 and is still going! only reason it kinda died off is one the graphics is stuck in the early 2000s and two they made what I like to call a care bare area.

Just a few things I would like to note AGAIN... other suggestions from other people and maybe some dev acknowledgment that PWE is actually going to work on the ONLY end game content would be nice.