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11-15-2012, 12:26 PM
Honestly, I don't think the OP has any regard for others whom may not wish to partake of their particular brand of elitism.

I've been in some HORRIBLE pugs where the problem was tooling along in a fleet ship with MACO everything and MkXIIs in all the right places. Said problem, of course, rails at everyone ELSE when he blows the cube on the left before anyone's cleared probes middle and right (thus blowing the mission and losing the Kang because in the time it takes to disengage and move to the centre to deal with the mobs he's spawned, the guy on Kang duty got overwhelmed and we lose the damn mission objective entirely), and blames everything but himself when he gets gang-***** by two cubes and teh probes on Khitomer because he thought he was sooper-awesome and didn't need to stick with the plan everyone ELSE was following.

(not to mention the douchebag who, in ISE, blows a gennie before we've dropped the first cube, goes and blows one on the other side, spawning SECOND cube, calls everyone "Noob" and quits...good times, good times...)

If you REALLY have such a big problem...

Don't PUG.

Stick to Pvt. with your FLEETIES, or form teams at minimum before que'ing and have a 'plan Bravo' fallback if you draw less-desirable fillers.

There's this neat little application on your mini-map, it's called "Social" and includes evryone on your 'Friends' list-if you can't find five friends to help you out that you can trust in an STF, maybe the problem

for those of us who've already put IN the time and learned the STFs (and spent some time and effort on working out what will work in the Hive set), and whom really don't feel a burning need to spend EC and Dilithium buying yet another grindy not-a-fleetbase-but-it-still-takes-real money, well...

to the OP- take your idea, and a pile of sand, and a hammer. I'm not keen to dump useful items into yet-another-eternal-grind because YOU can't form a decent team nor deal with risk.