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11-15-2012, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by wargibbon View Post
Oh wait there's more, it now turns out as i just did one, that the dil rewards for Starbase 24 are now down to 480. So what the f*** is going on here Cryptic and mr oh so smooth candybag stahl?

It turns out you haven't actually given us anything at all as all you've done is taken from Starbase 24 and given the difference to the STF's. Still no end reward boxes, and dil that is even more difficult to grind than in Starbase 24.

The idea was you leave the fleet events the f*** alone, not mess with them. Why don't you fix them instead as they've been broken since S7 came out? Virtually impossible to get in one as you are always getting kicked by the server, takes about 10 goes to get in any event atm.

So basically boys and girls, we are back where we started. Talk about being shafted and lied to because that's all Cryptic are doing atm, lying to us continuously.
480 for all but the higher end places and 640 for those. STF's get 960 for elites and 480 for normal. Also things break nothing is perfect and they are more than likely trying to trace the problem. and these were the values originally set for tribble i have no complaints about them now both give great gear for people to use and also dilith. i can also give ya a reason why they cut dilith so much for things like SB24 they have a cooldown of 30 minutes while STF's have a cooldown of 60 minutes. this difference needs to be balanced out with respectable values. they made a good move in doing this and re adding loot to STF's so account this as a win. (ends text wall)