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11-15-2012, 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by bolawon View Post
Perhaps you're dying like crazy angainst the Borg because...and sit down for this...

THEY'RE THE BORG. The new Hive space is much better. Its a lot harder and represents the first true challenge i've encountered in this game.

As for the dil being lowered in SB24. Of course it has. It was there to make up for the loss of STF dil but now thats reinstated, it can be lowered again. You can not have everything spoon fed to you. Earn it. Work for it and have fun doing it.
Challenge yes but not to this degree. WE had a timeship with us as well and we gave up on it. face it, there was not raon to touch STFs only had new ones and yet they did excatly that in a bad way.